Why does the cold storage in the logistics industry need good racks?

_June 19, 2020_

The popularization of cold storage improves the circulation quality of fresh products and enriches the sales coverage of fresh products, which is of great significance to the rapid development of fresh industry. At the same time, the enterprises that have the demand for the design and installation of cold storage also have doubts in the configuration of the storage facilities in the library, such as whether the ground insulation layer is insulated separately or also with the cold storage board, the storehouse stacking and the storage of the racks or the direct stacking. We will carefully understand the customer’s storage product types, packaging, the frequency and mode of storage and other practical needs, and then put forward specific suggestions and reasonable cold storage design for customers to weigh the inspection.

Do we have to install storage racks when designing and installing cold room? Not necessarily, according to the warehouse site and warehousing needs. For example, twenty or thirty cubic fruit cold storage, the warehouse height is only 2 meters high, there is a fruit frame that can be directly placed on the line, do not need to install storage racks. In general, large cold storage, especially cold storage in the logistics and storage industry, should consider the configuration of supporting storage racks when designing and installing cold storage.

Improving the space utilization of cold storage

The use of storage rack products can improve the utilization rate of cold storage, especially the high refrigerated warehouse. On the choice of rack style, the rack systems with high storage capacity such as narrow laneway, through type, back push type, gravity type and shuttle type can be given priority, and the return rate of investment in cold storage can be increased more greatly.

Speed up the speed of air circulation in cold storage

The use of storage rack products can speed up the air circulation in cold storage, which is more consistent with the cold air moving line planning. The heat generated by the stacking of fresh products will cause the fluctuation of the temperature in the reservoir and start the cooling of the refrigeration unit, and the stacking can reduce the heat of the stacking. At the same time, it also accelerates the circulation of the air in the library. On the one hand, it is more conducive to the storage of the production products. On the other hand, it also reduces the running energy consumption of the refrigeration units.

In addition, the storage racks should be used to match the actual conditions of the cold storeroom, for example, it cannot affect the operation of the refrigeration system such as the cold air fan, the use of the fire lighting system and so on. At the same time, there is a certain space between the rack and the wall column, so as to avoid the inconvenience of installation and use.

Finally, the cold storage racks should also be consulted by professional cold storage racks companies, such as Jracking. This is because the special nature of the low temperature environment in the cold storage cannot meet the requirements of the ordinary logistics racks, especially the racks selected in the cold storage under -20 C should be selected according to the state or industry steel structure design specification, the relevant provisions in the steel rack structure design specification, and the selection of the steel used to guarantee the goods.

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