60 Longspan Shelving

It is consisted of frames, beams and panel. The 60 Long span shelving can be decked with particle board, wire decking, Zinc steel panel, rolling metal decking to make them ideal for many different environments. Long-span shelving are especially suitable for the hand loaded storage of bulky items. Comparing with 55 longspan shelving, as panels are put on the beams and with the same length and width, the loading capacity will be larger. It’s from 300kg to 800kg per level.


Top view/ Front view

Side View

Safety pin
Surface finish – Galvanized or powder coating

60 longspan shelving is suitable for manual access. They can be used with work bin or carton to store bulk heavy cargo in automobile, electronic industry. Combined with flooring, 60 longspan shelving can also made up mezzanine floor.