US Teardrop Pallet Rack

Roll formed pallet rack is the most flexible and extensively used type of storage rack. Selectivity is the primary advantage of this rack type, allowing access to any stored pallet loads. BHD Vietnam teardrop pallet rack are available with bolted or welded frame configurations to meet the user’s application requirements. . They are manufactured from high-strength steel. With various styles, sizes and gauges, they can meet most capacity and seismic requirements.


  • 2”vertical adjustability
  • 1-5/8” beam step height
  • Compatible with most brands
  • Fast Clip Beam Attachment
  • No special tools required for installation


BHD Vietnam’s Frame Information

  •        Assembled Frame: 1 Frame = 2 Posts + Horizontal &Diagonal Bracings
  •        2’’Vertical Adjustability
  •        Welded Baseplate – 5’’x8’’ (T=8.0; 10.0mm)/ 8’’x8’’ (T=10.0mm)
  •        Rigid, Strong and Durable System
  •        Available in Pre-galvanized & Powder-coated.

The Connection Between Base Plate And Frame


一体管(含筋) 5寸

Standard Profile For 3’’-5’’ Beam

Reinforced Profile For 5”-6”Beam


Row Spacer

Row Spacers are used to connect rows of pallet rack (back to back). Spacers increase stability and maintain consistent spacing between rows.

Bolt-on Column Protector

Bolt-on column protectors improve safety and reduce upright damage. Innovative design fits to 3″x3″ uprights.

Pallet Rack Safety Support

Safety supports can be used as front to back members to support pallets or wood decking. Supports available with pre-galvanized or powder coating finish.