BHD Vietnam also provides various rack accessories to modify the racking to suit the product stored. Racking accessories are usually needed for safe storage and warehouse operations. They provide extra functions like support, protection, and connection for your racking and your warehouse.

1. Row spacer
Maintain even spacing between your pallet rack rows with the back-to-back row spacers. The racks are bolted into the punched sides of adjacent frames, providing extra rigidness to your rack system. By using row spacers, you minimize torsional forces. Many size options available: L8’’,12’’,18’’ and 24’’.

model specification size

Row spacer


3” x 1 5/8” x 14 Ga


2. Footplate
Footplates are either welded or bolted onto the upright column. Foot plates are available in standard sizes and special order enlarged sizes.

3. Rack fastener
Beam and column locking system provides exceptional protection against damage, tampering, and accidental disengagement. Safety pin and spring lock can prevent the accident from falling off the beam.

4. Pallet support
Pallet support, also known as crossbars, is an easy, cost-effective way of ensuring your product has the support it needs. Our pallet supports can be quickly installed by placing them on two adjacent crossbeams, creating a strong support channel that spans the two beams.

5. Upright protector
Upright protectors keep pallet rack frames safe from lift truck or other loading equipment damage by providing solid steel protection at the base. Bright yellow finish for visibility. Available in H12’’,18’’ and 24’’.

6. Pallet stopper

Stock sizes: 12’’,  18’’,  24’’.

7. Barrier
This design will protect the entire depth of the frame from forklift impact and is perfect for intersecting aisles or the end of each pallet rack aisle where forklift traffic is heaviest.

Available size: D36, D42, D48.

8. Wire mesh decking
Wire mesh decks provide added strength and versatility to any pallet racking system. This decking is perfect for industrial applications, as it is designed to help provide additional safety and meet local fire code requirements.