BHD’s warehouse planning before storage design

_June 22,2020_

Warehousing planning refers to the decision-making and design of warehousing mode, storage facilities, and storage space and information management system before warehousing activities. Professional warehouse planning and design companies usually make comprehensive reference in these aspects to select the best allocation scheme:

(1) Workshop Structure (Available Height | Beam and Column Position | Floor Conditions | Fire Protection Facilities)

BHD Vitenam must consider the effective height under the beam when choosing the rack to determine the rack height. The position of beam and column will affect the rack configuration. The strength and smoothness of the floor are also related to the design and installation of racks. In addition, the installation location of fire protection facilities and lighting facilities should be considered.

(2) Item Characteristics (Size | Weight | Storage Number | Storage Unit)

The shape and size of storage items are directly related to the selection of rack specifications. The weight of storage items directly affects the strength of the rack. The unit of storage, which unit to store, pallets (pallets) or storage cages or items has different rack selection types. In addition, estimating the total number of reserves must take into account the growth needs of the company in the next two years. These data can be obtained through the analysis of storage systems.

(3) Accessibility (storage density | first in first out | storage management)

General accessibility is relative to storage density. That is to say, in order to obtain a higher storage density, the accessibility of the object must be sacrificed relatively. Although some types of racks can obtain better storage density, storage management is more complex than others, and it is often impossible to achieve first-in-first-out control. Of course, the best three-dimensional automatic warehouse can be developed upwards, with good accessibility and storage density, but the relative investment cost is more expensive. Therefore, choosing which type of storage equipment is a compromise of various factors and also an application of strategy.

(4) Handling equipment (counterweight | straddle | channel width | lifting height | lifting weight | rotating radius)

Storage equipment access operations are performed by handling equipment. Therefore, the selection of storage equipment needs to consider both handling equipment. The stacker is general handling equipment, and the width of the rack passage will directly affect the selection of the stacker type, which is the counterweight type or narrow passage type. In addition, it is necessary to consider the comparison of lifting height and lifting capacity handling equipment for reference: forklift type and brand selection.

(5) Input and Output Quantity (FIFO | Access Frequency | Access Quantity)

Some types of racks have good storage density, but the storage volume is not high, suitable for low frequency operation. High storage volume is very important data, which is the main consideration for the selection of rack form.

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