_May 13, 2020_

The following are the main aspects:

(1) Design options for the length of pallet rack

(a) To understand the specifications of pallets, if the goods exceed the pallet, they should be calculated in excess of the size.

(b) Generally, two pallets are placed on each floor. The space between two pallets is 70-100MM (100MM for high racks and 70MM for short racks). If the pallet is small in length (e.g. 800MM) that three pallets can be considered to put on each floor.

(c) Formula: L= pallet length *2+ (70-100) *3 (interval number)

(2) Design options for the width of the pallet rack

(a) The actual size of the pallet width is calculated.

(b) If the customer requests to add tie beam, steel and wood panels or other accessories, the width of the rack can be designed to be the same size as the width of the pallet.

(c) Formula: D= pallet width 200MM.

(3) Design options for pallet rack height

(a) The specific height is determined by the warehouse space and the lift height of the forklift.

(b) The height requirement is integer multiple of 75MM, if not, take the approximate value.

(c) Formula: H (layer height) = cargo height + 100 (interval) + beam height (different load capacity, different specifications).

(d) Aisle: According to the performance of forklift (such as: operation aisle, lift, load, etc.), determine the forklift aisle.

  1. e) Related accessories: Upright, beam, tie beam and other accessories.

(f) Pay special attention to: pallet style, rack size, loading capacity, site, fire protection, etc.

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