What you need to know in designing the drive in rack

_June 03,2020_

Drive in rack is a kind of whole rack which is not separated by aisles. Compared with the pallet rack the forklift truck aisle is reduced, and the utilization rate of the space is higher. Compared with other intensive racks, the forklift truck or counterbalanced forklift truck is used in a relatively low cost. Then, how do we plan and design the drive in rack?

The design of the drive in rack must be based on the following data:

  1. The properties of the goods on the pallet (the size of the pallet and the size of the goods): the design of the unit racks should take into account the condition of the pallet goods, such as the pallet size, weight, the bottom structure, etc., and the size and weight of the goods should be considered, which requires the measurement and estimation before the design.
  2. The lift height of the forklift and the available net height of the warehouse: the total height of the drive in rack and the effective storage unit are related to the lift height of the forklift and the net height of the warehouse. The designer must know to the user the maximum height of the forklift which can be used in the warehouse and measure the height of the customer warehouse.
  3. The specific model and parameters of the forklift: through the understanding of the model and parameters of the forklift, the depth of the forklift and the size of the forklift are known to determine the size and the length of the storage rack of the unit.
  4. The building status of the storage area: in-depth understanding of the various building conditions of the warehouse, including the location of the ceiling beam, the fire hydrant of the warehouse and important import and export. Thus, a reasonable reserve channel can be designed for the entry storage racks, so that the goods and personnel circulation can be conveniently accessed in the future.
  5. The direction and requirements of goods import and export: in fact, there are also mentioned that the import of goods should be well prepared. In fact, the design of scientific and reasonable drive in rack should also understand that the direction of the import and export of goods can effectively design the layout of the racks, so that the racks can be twice the result of half the effort.

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