The Importance of Goods Location and Label in Storage Management (3 of 3)

_July 01, 2020_

In previous essay BHD Vietnam racking factory discussed the importance of clear goods location. Now we’ll continue to talk about importance of warehouse label and bar code.

4. Goods location and label is necessary for modern warehouse management.

The essence of bar code technology is to combine logistics with information flow. When bar code was not invented, there could be many mistakes during warehouse management no matter with human operation or computer system. For example, mistakes may be made during goods entering a warehouse or during goods delivery.
After bar code technology was invented, mistakes were greatly reduced. And the uniqueness of every bar code ensures storage data to be more accurate.

Regarding Global Uniform Identity System, same as bar code, it connected company with supply chain. Wherever you are, the global uniform identity enables you to communicate with business partners in an accurate and swift way. Company thus can track goods from production to delivery, making the company more competitive.

All in all, BHD Vietnam racking factory believe that in material handling, by adopting bar code technology, all goods information including sku, stocking and guarantee period can be perfectly managed. No matter where the goods are heading for, the movement can be recorded automatically by using car code system. Moreover, bar code system can be combined with wireless handling terminal by which warehouse managers can check inventory or issuing instructions at any time.

From above, we can see that goods location and labels are necessary for modern storage management.