The Importance of Goods Location and Label in Storage Management (2 of 3)

_June 30, 2020_

The Global Uniform Identity System is able to quickly and accurately exchange information between trading partners through standard electronic messaging system. It is also able to link every information in different logistics parts together from production to sales. Thus, a company’s market competition is in a favorable position.
The most important reason is that global unified identification system realized the unity of logistics and information flow, through which it can help to manage every link in modern logistics of all aspects.

Therefore, to standardize warehousing management, first you have to standardize goods location and warehouse labels management. As long as we achieve the standardization of goods location and label management, all the following process would become easy and simple: materials and information management, product storage, delivery and tracking. Further more, with good materials and stacking location management, warehouse management standardization is no longer difficult to achieve.

3. Goods location and label management is the inevitable result of refined warehousing management

The automatic identification system of bar code has an advantage over high data acquisition speed, high accuracy, low cost, easy to operate.
Therefore, to refine the warehouse management, first we must standardize the material section and goods location. Once all goods location and label is clear, further refined management in logo and bar code can be achieved.