The Importance of Goods Location and Label in Storage Management (1 of 3)

_June 29, 2020_

1 . Goods location and Label is necessary for warehouse management .

The main duty of warehouse management standardization are to plan for good storing and stacking , which is largely depend on specific goods location . Once goods enter the warehouse , the first problem is to decide the storing location . Unnecessary operation can be greatly reduced by determing the goods location correctly . Also , when goods enter the warehouse , marks or signs should also be correctly added to specific goods location to benefit warehouse management . In daily warehouse operation , the main reason of different kinds of problem are the confusing goods location management . So on the contrary , if goods location or signs on storage racking is clear , not only efficiency can be highly increased , but also cost of paper work can be greatly reduced . Moreover , input mistakes can also be decreased by auto storage operation . All the above improvements in warehouse created a good base of storage management standardization .

2 . Goods location and Label is necessary for warehouse standardization .

Storage management standards are : clear goods location , unit mark , complete project , complete specification . In this way , even if a warehouse staff has never seen a kind of goods , he still knows where to pick up the goods if the mark on storage rack is clear enough . Combined with modern logistics equipment and information technology , it is possible to make our customers more satisfied by simple storage system operation .