Key Points of Logistics System Designing (3 of 4)

_June 25, 2020_

In yesterday’s essay, BHD Vietnam racking factory talked about mass production and batch production in designing logistics system. In this essay we will continue to discuss other 2 important factors: Flow and Direction in logistics.

  1. Flow and direction in logistics

logistics activities need to answer a question or an input condition. For example, where to go? How to operate with the highest efficiency? How to reduce the cost? All these above questions are relevant to logistics flow and flow direction.

From point A to the point D, the straight distance between two points is definitely the shortest. But from a busy logistics system point of view, it may not be the best choice to move from point A directly to point D. It may be better to move first from point A to point B, then to point D.

Through logistics system, we learn how to solve the transportation problem, and postman problem. It is all about logistics flow and flow direction when searching for largest flow and shortest route.

By solving the traffic and flow problem, logistics system can operate organically like a machine with strong power. At the same time, the better a logistics network is, the more clear and efficient its flow and direction is.

Of course, informatization is the prerequisite for high-quality logistics network system. Smooth information transfer can help to keep the goods in a reasonable amount and deliver the goods with the highest efficiency.