BHD Vietnam design and application in the cold storage ( 4 of 4)

_June 18, 2020_

  1. Other considerations

Cold storage racking design also needs to consider other factors, such as the selection of welding electrode in cold storage needs to meet the requirements of welding base material and welding process, and ensure the welding quality. The characteristics of frosting in cold storage should be considered, and the weight gain should be taken into account when calculating the shelf selection and the corrosion resistance of the coating layer shall be taken into consideration in the process of customer refrigeration and defrosting.

Cold bridge of sill anchor at the racking upright bottom (the wall corner, wall, roof and wall angle overlap angle, will produce water adsorbed on the wall of the phenomenon, then there will be a wall in the wall of the dew condensation “tears”, “sweat” and “musty” houses, damp, moldy phenomenon) the need to consider the role and avoid. Specific to each project, the above factors are considered or considered whether it is economic and reasonable, it is necessary to analyze in accordance with specific circumstances. Combining engineering practice, to understand and respond to the actual needs of customers, and to create economic benefits for customers, is the fundamental purpose of engineering design.