BHD Vietnam design and application in the cold storage ( 3 of 4)

_June 16, 2020_

  1. Choose the right surface treatment method 

Powder coating (epoxy polyester electrostatic powder coating) is the most common form of racking surface treatment. For the cold storage which requirements of corrosion protection and rust prevention are not very strict, the applicability is very good, economical and practical.

Compare with the powder coating, the cost of hot dip galvanized is higher. The cost is about 40% higher. Hot dip galvanizing is to make the steel parts immersed in the molten zinc melt at about 500 degrees Celsius, so that the surface of the steel structure is adhered with zinc, so as to prevent corrosion. If the customer has higher requirements for corrosion prevention and rust resistance and is less sensitive to the cost, the surface treatment method of hot-dip galvanizing can be adopted.

Many cases can also be treated flexibly, Many cases can also be treated flexibly, adopt different surface treatments to achieve the optimal solution according to the specific situation. Such as drive in racking system, the main racking by powder coating, rail on the ground to be used hot dip galvanized, so as to achieve the best effect and cost advantage.