_May 12, 2020_

BHD Vietnam VNA pallet racking system has high storage density, but can still access to single piece of all pallets. BHD Vietnam VNA pallet racking system requires special design of forklift or electronically controlled stacking crane operation, because it move in the aisle but without turning, so the channel is only slightly wider than the transport machinery. Due to VNA pallet racking system is higher than other normal pallet rack, so it must have strong rigidity and perfect installation.

The advantages of BHD Vietnam VNA pallet racking system are:

The speed of logistics is higher than the normal racking, and the forklift can work at the height of 14 meters. The electronic control stacking crane can work even higher.

There are some special requirements:

Special forklifts or cranes are required. At the same time, it also needs other supporting machinery, and set up “accessing transfer station.””. The racking system not only has the function of storing pallets, but also has the function of supporting and strengthening the carrying equipment. Therefore, the requirements for the strength and tolerance of the structure are very strict, and the accurate design and installation must be taken into account. VNA pallet racking system is controlled with semi-automatic in operation, so it can ensure the accurate positioning of the tray at the top location.