_June 08, 2020_

Control center in the warehouse

The control center can be a project management institution, which guides the completion of new accounts, reports the execution results and progress of each department, and maintains external customer contacts. The command center should include two parts: human and system. The warehouse operation is completed in four walls in the warehouse, the warehouse management system can implement including import goods management, inventory management, order management, sorting, review, storage of goods and basic information management, replenishment strategy, library mobile combination wall system function, and also consider the connection between the warehouse management system and transportation management system, customer management, employee management system.

Under the warehouse management system, it can query the location of products and the location of supply chain in real time, and use real-time information to allocate goods accurately and reasonably in multi node network. This is the role of WMS as a command center in the library. Professional logistics software companies usually provide warehousing, distribution and comprehensive logistics information services, which is for the whole logistics process to connect and integrate. When the warehouse is introduced to WMS, the interface should be retained for the information application of other links in the future logistics.

Although there is a perfect storage management system, the role of people in the command center cannot be replaced by technology. The leader of the logistics project needs to allocate the limited resources on the basis of a large amount of data. Warehousing is not automated, there are too many uncertainties in storage, and the responsible person who is familiar with the warehouse inside and outside the warehouse should take the role of the general control.

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