_June 05, 2020_

Developing value added service and the realization of reverse logistics

The main income of traditional warehousing comes from the storage fee, so people hope the warehouse is always full. The service provided by smart warehousing enterprises to shippers is no longer limited to the collection, storage and transportation, and has begun to provide additional value added services to shippers or retailers. Some manufacturers want to supply products to multiple markets at the same time, and retailers also want customers to receive the goods they need, or special sales. Warehouses will process products (goods) before they leave the warehouse, and design, assemble, package and label products according to the needs of shippers, then send them to different markets. For example, the computer internal processing, is the is the original distributed computer parts assembled into a customer needs PC, and all this does not require a computer manufacturer will disperse the goods completed entirely by the warehouse.

Reverse logistics is becoming more and more important, for many manufacturers or retailers do not have their own logistics warehousing system, warehousing center support for reverse logistics has become one of the competitive factors, the nerve center for any operation are effective management of warehouse, recycling, storage center products processing, repair and replacement of a customer service the extremely important influence.

In the book industry logistics system of BHD Vietnam, not only has WMS realized the recovery of books, but also the system can display real-time processing of books, such as broken books, and effectively support the expansion of value-added businesses.

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