_May 29,2020_

  1. Design of warehouse and improvement of equipment

As the core of the whole system of the logistics process, the reasonable design of the warehouse has positive influence on the efficiency of the whole operation. For example, the warehouse can be divided into different sorting areas according to the product category. In this way, pallets, packages and cartons are managed in different sections to avoid clutter and reduce cargo damage.

Besides, the improvement of the equipment for the warehouse is also embodied in the packaging of goods and materials. For a long time, in order to achieve zero inventory, companies have invested a lot to improve storage environment and to build more warehouses. But the utilization of the warehouse can not always be kept at 100%, and the storage cycle is getting shorter and shorter. So the investment in the packaging of goods becomes a factor to improve the efficiency competitiveness of the warehouse.

Advanced packaging can not only provide effective protection for goods, attract cargo owners, but also provide convenience for warehousing mechanization operations. The adoption of radio frequency and data technology gives full play to the effectiveness of handling machinery, to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, handling, stacking. On the other hand, the automatic receiving and dispatching of modern warehousing not only requires uniform size and specification of packaging, but also requires that the goods’ information be embodied on the packaging through bar code technology, which is precisely the goal of material packaging standardization. Therefore, the improvement of material packaging is good to the automation of storage management. At present, most of the WMS software includes the functions of automatic data acquisition, such as RFID technology.

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