BHD Vietnam design and application in the cold storage ( 2 of 4)

_June 15, 2020_

  1. Choose the right racking system

In the cold storage, the cost of warehouse ground is very high. It is the most important factor for the racking manufacturers to choose the right racking system to satisfy the customers’ maximum space utilization. The following are several types of common cold storage racking system:

Combination of warehouse and racking: combination of warehouse and racking is the ideal high position storage system. To fasten the warehouse roof and side wall on the racking system, it eliminates the construction working of warehouse. Using this way, the warehouse space utilization and long-term investment returns rate are highest. At the same time, the technical requirement of racking is also high.

Radio shuttle system: It is a complete high-density storage system consisting of pallet rack, radio shuttle car and forklift. This efficient storage mode brings a whole new choice for improving warehouse space utilization. The radio shuttle system is a very popular semi-automatic system, which can realize semi automation of cold storage with lower investment. It can also be combined with RGV, crane stacker and warehouse management software into small and medium-sized shuttle type ASRS.

Drive in rack: Drive in rack is a traditional high-density storage system. Forklifts drive into the racking to access pallets which are placed on rails to move within the racking system. This racking system is relatively minimal investment, but there is a high requirement for the forklift worker. For the large flow cold storage warehouse, more forklift workers may be required to operate.

There are other types of racking such as double depth pallet racking system, push back rack, gravity racking system. It is mainly chosen by different requirements of customers. On the whole, there is no best, only the most suitable.