Benefits Of Using A Beam Rack

_Jul 29,2020_

BHD Vietnam beam racking is a kind of storage shelf that is often used. This racking is a heavy-duty shelf. It is mainly used in large warehouses. Compared with general shelves, its storage capacity is larger than other shelves. With the popular of logistic line, the use of shelves has become more and more frequent, and its use has made various industries more convenient.

The application scope and choice of BHD Vietnam beam shelf mainly depend on its structure. The beam shelf is a professional warehouse shelf for storing and storing pallet goods. The beam shelf is composed of a column (post) and a beam, which is one of the shelves.When the warehouse selects and configures the beam shelf, it must comprehensively analyze the nature of the stocked goods, unit loading and inventory, warehouse structure, supporting loading and unloading equipment and other factors. In addition, the factors to be considered in the selection of shelves include the characteristics of goods, accessibility, the number of goods in and out of the warehouse, loading and unloading equipment, plant structure, etc., mainly based on the appropriate selection of the function of the storage area.

Before choosing a beam-type shelf, the first thing to do is to unify the container, that is, to package the goods and their weight and other characteristics, and determine the type, specification and size of the pallet. And the unit weight and stacking height (unit weight is generally within 2000kg), and then determine the span, depth and layer spacing of the unit shelves according to the effective height and fork of the lower edge of the warehouse roof.The fork height of the car determines the height of the shelf. The unit shelf span is generally within 4 meters, the depth is within 1.5 meters, the shelf height of low and high-rise warehouses is generally within 12 meters, and the shelf height of ultra-high-rise warehouses is generally within 30 meters (such warehouses are basically automated warehouses, and the total shelf height is Composed of columns within 12 meters).

In the use of shelves, the role of BHD Vietnam beam racking is very obvious. Its use value is mainly reflected in the special operation combined with the width direction or special structure of the warehouse during operation, which can explain that the beam shelf can facilitate the customer to pick up the goods during the actual operation, and it is also very versatile.

In general, the use value of the beam shelf has been truly reflected in many companies and has also been recognized by customers. To a certain extent, its own flexibility and versatility can effectively improve the economic benefits of enterprises.