Advantages of Shuttle Rack in warehouse

—May 22, 2020_

There are two main forms of shuttle rack in warehousing and logistics equipment: shuttle in-out stock system and shuttle warehousing storage system. By means of reciprocating or looping, a trolley running on a fixed guide rail carries goods to a designated place or connecting equipment. Equipped with intelligent induction system, can automatically memorize the origin position, automatic deceleration system. Shuttle is an intelligent robot, which can realize the tasks of picking up, transporting and placing by programming. It can communicate with the host computer or WMS system, and realize the functions of automatic identification and access by combining the identification technology of RFID and barcode.

  1. Customers seek a more intensive, efficient, safer and more accurate storage operation mode.
  2. Enhance the storage capacity of warehouse under limited area;
  3. Promoting the overall image of the enterprise;
  4. Prevent packaging loss;
  5. Improve the efficiency of enterprise logistics;
  6. Improve the management level of enterprises;
  7. Easy to operate and safe. Through the combination of shuttle rack system and RFID, benefits can be achieved:
  • Complete cargo logistics process management function greatly improves the real-time dynamic management ability of cargo.
  • Real-time collection and recording of the whole process data, through centralized management of information, to achieve information sharing, reduce labor links and save time;
  • By statistics, analysis and processing of data, we can provide all kinds of data needed for management and provide reliable basis for decision makers.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use RFID technology can easily expand the way of RFID data acquisition in the existing management system.
  • Real-time management, fast operation, detailed records, complete management links.
  • Improving the accuracy of warehouse entry and exit and making the inventory more accurate.

In view of the above customer situation, it is suggested to adopt the shuttle rack + warehouse management system (WMS) + RFID = brand-new shuttle rack solution. Shuttle rack is a complete high-density storage system composed of rack, shuttle trolley and forklift truck. This scheme can expand and store the shuttle warehouse intensively, which can multiply the warehouse capacity, improve work efficiency, reduce manpower and material resources, reduce costs, and have strong operational safety.

At the same time, the shuttle rack can be used with WMS (Warehouse Management System) to achieve: effective batch management, dispatch and purchase, delivery, transfer, batch management, inventory work, dynamic monitoring of each storage location, clearly indicating the storage location of goods, avoiding misplacement and mistake of goods, and monitoring shuttle vehicle operation mode.

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